COMBINE HARVESTER: Sketches of thrill and neglect.

The chase is beautiful,almost breathtakingly sweat-breaking.The adrenaline and rush of blood is almost intoxicating.Just like the lion sees a prey,plots a chase and implements it so are we.When the chase proves tough we encourage ourselves that what is worth the chase is sure worth the wait .Just like a chess game with the queen upon the heel of all the pawns are we in this chase.We will do anything to topple off the rooks,slender bishops and mighty castles in a never ending game of thrones.The pawns in our wake are collateral damage even if they belonged to us.The sweat broods and true to human nature even this is no detractor to our chase progress.Rather it is the very fuel to our never ending quest to win this board play and be termed if not crowned leader of our crop.The burner of our mantle most often sounds more of a worthy title.

In process of this lion chase of the deer down across the plane,the mind is devoid of the fact that the deer is faster but what is the pleasure in chasing something that is so easy to catch?

Haha,reminds me of hunger games,set the pray and orchestrate the chase for the thrill of blood.Such a sad scenario as we are even encouraged that may the force favour us.

Beautiful words to mar the obscenities and atrocities inhibited or hidden behind the actual intentions of our human games.Well,not to rush ahead of my thoughts,the chase is fun and enjoyable,almost electric.Jeez,thought of same makes my blood rush in a jolt of heat and excitement.

But just before it ends,my mind is panned with a question even I must stop and ponder,in process almost letting my prey escape;if only escape was its fate?Is the catch worth the chase?Or maybe you got a quick yes to this quiz PePa buddy,I could give it a lil twist to your cryptic sleeves and ask,”Is the chase worth the keep?”

Mmh,sure you never thought of that right?evades my hinges too most often if not.

Just like a combine wheat harvester that will both reap the wheat and mill it,are you able to chase the prey and enjoy keeping it?Don’t go on a wild goose chase if the end of it all is the thrill of blood that can’t be satisfied but has to be done over and over to maintain the lithium junk phase.PePa.


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