AT THE BANK:Sketches of long queues.

Well organised I may call it for that is the first impression I get right from the entrance.

A security guy welcomes you most often than not with a garret security scanner.Most times with a smile and in others a serious look.A sign to sure let you know they mean business.Used to fear approaching them in my younger years..Same old years cropped by fear of police cars and even passing near chief’s(county) camps or even police posts.

If you honestly ask me what I feared so much about these officers and security guys I would honestly not tell you.In my mind though,I always knew they could tell whether you licked mama’s sugar from the jar atop the shelve last evening or if you did some other bad manners by looking at the neighbour’s daughter while they was having a bath…Somehow in my mind these were men with all know-how of everything around them and a flinch of the eye would always sell me off.

So yes,here I walk in and as they pass the garret over my body I reminisce those days with a smile on my lips as I walk in.Inside is these new age array of seats not common in the last few years.We used to make queues for close to an hour just to reach the teller and withdraw a thousand or two dollar bills.Don’t ask me why we never opted for the Auto Teller Machine,I mean it was faster but out there very few guys ever spotted you as you go get your money.

Did you know going to the bank back then could have been an actual ceremony as even having a bank account itself was celebrated?I mean to be honest not many had one,at least not in my age group.

I love this array,with another security guy courteous enough to show you round the hall in undertones.Everything seems quite organised to an extent I literally wish my pockets were this organised.Perils of new age economic slumps these are.

I calmly sit down in the business section cautious not to be noticed as not belonging.In my mind such a small banking hall is frequented by regular guys well known by the banking managers and even tellers.You know when you visit these places day in and out,you tend to look like you belong?

But who am I to be moved?After all this section has more comfortable seats than the regular retail section and notch added,the queues are much shorter.My lazy bum is not about to strain on the retail section.

For a moment I am wishing for a superfluous cashless transaction system.Like I wish I could do all transactions lying on my back or better still sitting up on my seat for exercise’s sake…Exercise on my seat,goodness! Call me the epitome of ultimate lazy wizz.

Good thing with banks is when you enter when all tellers have just had there breakfast or say lunch.This is mid-morning however but the smiles they are exuding translates to a warm mug of break tea in this cold weather.

Makes you want to bank millions and just come say hi,request your balance that is normally slipped into your fingers through those huge bullet proof glass panes,you look privily into the scribblings of this a little bit longer piece of paper,see the many zeros,look up and return an appreciative smile and as they ask what else they can assist you with you nod a no and say thank you.Smile and walk out of the hall with your nose to the ceiling.

My other main attraction in this set up is the quiet and composed posture everyone takes.You can never tell who is banking millions today or just coming to do a few thousand withdrawals like myself.

The calm reminds me however of those days in our queuing episodes.Where a man came carrying an odour-filled polyethylene paper bag say full of money(he is a fish-monger and everyone must carry their wares of trade you know?).He would walk up and down the queue as though he was initially there,don’t miss the sweaty under-arms and torn shirt back as he forgot to wear his apron to the bank.

He would hold up his sweaty under-arms and make long loud phone conversations to an Onyango or Kamau from Karatina.Tell them to await there deliveries as Njoro is a very fast pick-up track driver hence the fish will arrive safe and fresh.I think some of these scenarios with the lingering fish stench has contributed to my not being able to eat sea food to date.

Well,thank modernisation for obesity,high blood pressure and even claustrophobia as we now don’t have to make those long queues…Or is it thanks to medicine?

Well,my time is up in this hall as my turn is come.Hope they won’t turn me away at the counter as I don’t belong to the business class.No,they don’t turn clients away nowadays…they just charge you more….

Still I miss the automatic ticket number counters I hear in other banks…”Ticket number,one hundred twenty two,please go to,counter number seven!” I love that especially when they direct me to counter number seven as seven has always been my favourite number.

Thank God for the end of bank queues.The same should apply to voting queues,don’t you reckon so?



6 thoughts on “AT THE BANK:Sketches of long queues.

  1. Whoooaaaa! You just took me way way back when having an account at post bank( did you have one by the way?) Was talk of the town!! Hahahah. And to have an account with coop,or Barclay’s? You had to dine with the president first!!!! Oooo my God!! Hahahahah how things change……

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