BLESSED EID UL FITR: Sketches of heat

Beautiful cold and chilly morning,like cold and chilly means different worlds or better words..mmmh!This however serves to describe my morning.

Did I just say morning?Goodness! It is afternoon and my feet are still scared to leap out of bed.Received a couple of emojis and gif’s to give me a little shove out of these warm sheets but no way.This needs a little more than that.

Thank God for Ramadan and this most blessed Eid ul fitr.It is welcome everyday.I think Muslims should fast every week and bring this relief of a holiday every end week.”Too bad” it is a holy month and has to work in lines with holiness and not desire to our hearts.

So poor me for today I stay in bed but tomorrow I have to get up and brave the cold.But why am I worried about tomorrow when today my duvet,heavy tees, a hoodie in bed and a mug of hot beverage should help?I mean I only have today,right?But here is my sorry behind pushing the beauty of this beautiful cosy day to the woes of tomorrow…Typical human discordancies.Ashok my fellow blogger once posted about living each day and enjoying just that.He called it BEGIN TO WEAVE ,get the post here

So am not about to worry me about tomorrow.I will not even complain about this chill out there.I remember there are days I loooonged for the cold in all its royal coldness and this right here plays a note of nostalgia to my musings.

Bed might be cold and need an extra warmth but hey,am gonna take it in steps and bits and have this bit within my mouth munching away at the bit roots life throws my way.

No sky in my clouds and all its greyness adds to my beauty.I don’t miss the sun with its scorching heat though I love the rays it leaves as it sets down the cosmic horizon.I will stare into my misty window panes and embrace the cold warmth that envelopes my vision.Beauty can only be beheld by those who choose to live today.For tomorrow in essence is a promise but today is the present.

Enjoy the cold musings of today.Blessed chilly weather and an amazing Eid Ul Fitr to our Muslim brothers and sisters.



10 thoughts on “BLESSED EID UL FITR: Sketches of heat

  1. Whats the temperature there? It’s in the 30’s over here. Celsius. But the true miracle is that in the 2nd day of Eid, it rained. It was more than 30 degrees out and it RAINED. Happy Eid even if I’m late 😂


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