Why won’t you listen: Sketches of communication.

Maybe my suggestion was a lie

Whose sound you din’t like for heavens know why

Maybe another’s thoughts you would buy

For in them you couldn’t find a single sigh

Maybe I look a little too much

Into words that for all reasons hold no surge

Or scope that’s found in scripts as such

Maybe my words you found a lie

Yet in essence in them I see all truth lye

But what is truth if truth can only be mine?

And mine sounds selfish if your’s can’t refine

Refine the mere words much better than wine

A wine of little words that all combine

Combine to make sense and form a spine

A spine so fine it’s lost in dust.

So please just listen for that is a must

A must to listen and make all sense

Sense in words that have no offense

For offense kills all essence of wisdom in trance

So please I beg you give me a chance

A chance to speak and share my expanse

An expanse not held in span or breath

But breath held in and given to ear…

Don’t you know if you ignore me then you ignore you too?




16 thoughts on “Why won’t you listen: Sketches of communication.

  1. Wow Pepa, an earnest and well written post that so expressly sums up a recent situation of mine as well. If only others would open themselves to be more discerning and understanding, and not take offense to every word…

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