REST:Sketches of fatigue.

My neck callsAnd shoulders fall

As the blades to same crawl

To meet the aching growl

A growl of pain and ache

Like the call of owls we forsake

So near yet awfully hard to partake

So the nerves get a path to take

Down the lane of regress

A regress that sure burns and pulls

Pulls all your essence to denial

A denial to lay down and take rest

Rest that sure we all need

A need that is never fulfilled

As fulfilled to man means less progress

Progress we so forget is hard to achieve

Achieve when body is all in a foul cry

A cry of pain and fatigue.

Let the body rest and mind restore all nerves and cells.



12 thoughts on “REST:Sketches of fatigue.

  1. I love the repetition, as in the previous one.
    I adore this line, “As fulfilled to man means less progress”
    Fullness and permanent satisfaction don’t mean that you’ve no purpose anymore. It only means you’re happy.

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