WRITE ON MASTER: sketches of gratitude replayed.

“Kudos!Write on master.”

Never heard any better words than these in a while.Last I did was while I was clearing my lower school.

Quite a village hero I was back then.When I walked through the village and all the elder guys patted my head in pride.

These,here could never meet a match more sincere,raw,deep-felt,honest and ultimately insightful than they were.

Write about what though?No one mentioned this when they encouraged me to write on.To be honest though,this lack of a theme or provision of a topic thereof was the beauty of this simple yet inspiring statement followed by their actions.

Origin of this I might point back to my birthday just a few days back.A birthday that brought me joy in the simplest yet most amazing ways.A flow of love whose renaissance was nothing but true appreciation of a passion.A passion not shared by most but nonetheless appreciated in more ways than one.

Going back however,it has been quite a rough patch these months past.

Without any coarsing still,I will admit that I find it difficult doing resolution writes at the beginning of every year.The energy most do this with as you can tell is normally so high-revved for me to even achieve.

On the flipside however,a simple “God take control of everything I plan and do” has always worked for me.The chronicles report that nothing can ever beat or even match working and walking under the will of God you know?

This saying is a true and proven one but with all honesty….these few months past stretching into years have sure challenged this logic ..logic or absolution?Some won’t even look at it as either of these but a notion reserved to only believers in the great I am.

But what is life if you got nothing to believe in?nothing to hope in or even trust in?And don’t even tell me you trust in yourself for how much can you honestly achieve with your own will and blood?these can be snapped out of you in a giffy…I mean just like woop!

let us look back at history,it rarely lies especially with recorded proof.The psalmist in the bible sings and declares,” Others trust in chariots yet some in horses but we,we will trust in the Lord God of hosts. Psalms 20:7 ref.

So yes,I have believed and trusted in the Great I Am’s will and it has been a journey in trials.Bedded with no roses albeit yet founded in unwavering hope and trust.Trust that no matter how treacherous the journey and path therewith,His beautiful and perfect will in my life will ultimately make itself manifest come what may.

I have learnt that I am not the author of my life but the words of His mouth.That He knew what would befall me all along before even placing me in my mother’s womb.Still I don’t have to look back and wish I was born to another mother in a thousand years.Speaking of mothers,it was mother’s day a few days past;would you ever wish the clock was reversed,wound back in time and you was born to another mother?Nay,not me.

Well,here I am,smiling sheepishly,showered in love from friends I never even thought cared.All because God blessed a woman who loved me like her own life and brought me forth.That in the midst of all the pain and struggles,she found it fit to bear me without any complaints or regrets.Not even for a second impulse did she ever think of getting rid of me though she knew all too well she had no resources to raise me through.But she loved me more than the world could.And with the grace of God she managed through the years,though most often with little.Yet her tears always brought more.No strength of a woman here,just the honest true unrivalled love of a mother.Remember the tale of the great king Solomon,the two women and two children,one dead and one alive?Check out 1st KINGS 3:16-28.

So,”write on master” is a compliment and encouragement I have gotten at this moment and in varied portions and gestures through this week.I would want my birthday to come daily but no,it has never been this beautiful,this sincere and so real before.

The first and true beneficiary of this showers so far has been PePa,my ardent companion.A friend called and had this glistening beauty flow in a custom made PePa pen and mug.Another remembered the sketches of life which I sooo so love and did it in a wild sketch-pad and notebook expressly logo-d wild sketches and wild notes.Wild,huh?I will call her the wild girl (girl in my British accent).

As I scribble now,am doing it on this massive Note Book called NOTE BOOK,they found no better name for it I guess.Such a lovely souvenir to lack an astounding name.But good things need no description I guess…or even many words to make them glow,right?Lacking a name,it however came in a beautiful bag with these amazing inscriptions*( THE BEST GIFTS DON’T COME WRAPPED IN PAPER BUT IN LOVE) in addition to a card with an amazing Nehemiah scripture.

“Write on master” was a compliment from a close friend found in GROWTH UNSEEN: The Sketches we misshttps://wp.me/p4YnZh-4W.

It has been a week filled with love and I have learnt one beautiful lesson from it.Whatever you do,do it with the passion of a thousand waters or the strength of a thousand hills.It will touch those of whom it is meant to touch.Yet again,don’t expect it to gain only applause,O how I love sceptics and critics,they are the juice and fuel to my growth.You will grow through it all as long as your focus is on growth and pleasing God through what you do.Thanks to all genuine friends out there.

A beautiful mid to end of week all genuine PePa lovers and the rest of this beautiful world.

PePa-sketches by



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