HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sketches of reflection.

Today is not the same as everyday,it’s not an ordinary day.Totally true to these words is this beautiful eve of my birthday.Feels like a happy new year with all the warm music playing in the background after the decent of a beautiful sunset behind golden clouds.

Not to mention these scented flowers that now cover my whole presence with their petal freshness!Sure an evening to behold.

Would have been quite a crown to have it by the beachside with waves rocking back and forth on the sandy white beach,as I lay swinging on the canvas garden hammock lazily from side to side,fingers dipped in wet sand as the ocean birds call out to me in a countdown.

Snapping back to my present however,the beauty is not withheld either so I can save that thought for yet another day.

I see people,especially young ladies on social media with shiny balloons displaying the number of days God has blessed them with on this beautiful planet,mother earth.Caption is normally,”BIRTHDAY LOADING”.

Maybe I should have the same raised up in glamourous colours.I wonder what colour would best display the gratitude I hold inside.Last I checked however,me and most of my likes are colour blind if not so conversant with colour arrays in totality.

To some extent,I think that rainbow I drew back in lower school with seven colours was all a lie as I quite can’t recall most of them well,leave alone put them into play.

And let no smart brains bring up any primary or secondary colour connotations,am not taking any of that today.

Check out for example the colour indigo.Someone tell me the last time you ever used it,let alone see it.I can’t even point at the same if I spotted it right now.

I think most fashion houses or even car manufacturers don’t like the rainbow as well,especially the ones who do the finish touches in colour.But Mr Marangi(colours) of the duracoat advert would come in quite handy at this point.On the other hand however,I must admit that our society is quite creative.Last I was told there is burgundy as a colour.This ain’t nowhere on my beautiful rainbow from lower school,maybe in today’s rainbow it can be found,right?Truth be told,when I see it,in my eyes it is red.Please don’t judge me,yes thank you.

Another amusing one is baby pink.Now since when did babies come up with or even own colours?Anyway,creativity is highly encouraged.So enough with colour plays,am calmly seated,reflecting on all the days of my life gone.

A friend asked me today what my new year’ resolution was,now that it is my birthday the day coming next.Actually and to the least of my expectations I was shocked people make birthday resolutions.It hit me after that they do.You know the,I will go back to my shags(rural home)when am a certain age kinda resolutions?Sorry am being silly.

Remember those goals you always set?Get a car by this age(You even had a savings plan),have a company running and mint millions by a certain age,then after,marry and get several number of babies.

Rarely did anyone ever think past a beautiful wife or tall dark and handsome husband,two or three beautiful babies.And for crying out loud,where do all the ugly babies go or who gives birth to them if not you?Speaking of ugly babies,I realised that non actually exist as the ones I thought were ugly in my earlier years began confusing me the next time I laid eyes on them a span of 10 years later.Quite appealing I must admit,an actual punch below the belt to say the least.If you don’t believe me check these 10year challenge done in January on social media.

Well,am seated here looking back at all the years gone by,goals set,some attained whilst some terribly missed.Some days have sure been quite unkind whilst some O so amazing!But these are the recent years.What of my younger years?These sadly,can only be found in my earlier sketches i.e

So the sketches have unfolded and with them I have been through the most dramatic if not roller coastered life,with a breakup after seven loving years,hahah,loving huh?Another episode of a love-smitten me without consultation from PePa.This last one can best be described by Veronika Bozeman’s hit song,”What is love” that featured in Empire’s Television season one series.Beautiful real song you need to listen to.

Hahah,smitten can be quite intriguing but to some extent this was a period that both showed me God’s grace and how much He can use the right friends to encourage and cheer you on even when they knew you ain’t got no strength to pull through.A true lift from the grips of depression.

Time they said is a healer though and I must admit that despite what they say,it only takes the hand of God Himself to get you through.

Sometimes I feel like I have grown wiser through the push and pull that is life,most times it however eludes me.So here I am,a day left,hours even,to add one more year to my quiver and with not much beautiful heart shivering words to quip.

Thing is,all I am at this moment is nothing but grateful to God for His sufficient grace and favour.I look forward to seeing His good,perfect and most amazingly pleasant will done in my life.

To all those sharing this week,day and even month with me in their birthdays,I wish you the very best and moreso to God’ grace and favour.May we live to give Him the glory everyday.I dedicate this piece to

  1. Joyce Nyaguthii (lil sister) 5th May
  2. Boniface Ogeya(brother from another mother)18th May
  3. Christopher Migwi (brother who wants me to get married before he does) 19th May
  4. Priya aka Zealous Homo sapiens (most talented 6 word poet I know) 31st May and here is her blog link http://whenanintrovertspeaks.home.blog

The Lord God shine His face upon you all.Pepa.


15 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sketches of reflection.

  1. What do babies have to do with colours 😂😂😂😂
    Hmm I’m not sure if this is a correct scientific fact, but I’ve once read that females see more of a variety of colour than men do. For example, it’s not simply red. It’s vinous, crimson, dark red, light red, red tainted with pink, blood red and so on. And trust me, pink is never pink 😂
    And also, happy birthday!! 🎂🎂🎁🎁
    I hope you ate a lot and a lot of cakes and sweets! 🍮🍰🍰🍫🍫🍦🍦🍧🍧🍭🍭🍬🍬🍨🍨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Noor Lee you are not my friend….hahaha….you are such a hater I love it….oh and speaking of women….I can’t contest…I think they can even see you lying when you actually din’t lie….haha….are you a woman?

      My birthday was graced with a hike,lotsa gifts and sketch pads and a custom made pen(PePa) amazing…amma post it….Thanks for the wishes as well.

      I still have the cake in the fridge… we can share….hahaha…beat that mate!


  2. Such a beautiful read, I am disappointed with myself for having missed that special day, to wish you! I hope you had a good one brother. I noticed a picture of you on a hammock, nice to see you enjoying the coastal life where its all about sunshine and beaches, apparently not, due to the heavy rains, lol. I hope everything is good with you, I forever continue to be a huge fan of your work, your sketches and I am glad that I have a brother with me around here. Pleasure!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. happy birthday pepa!🎂
    looks like we are both may springtime babies. yay!🌼
    i enjoyed this read.✏
    i have never heard of having resolutions for a birthday either.
    to me, that seems like the perfect day to break resolutions!🙆
    enjoy your special day and may God continue to bless you with favor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KRCC,may I have your name please?reading this just made my day…a typical jovial rebel you are…always telling my friend…only commands are to be kept and laws are meant to be broken..Thanks for the wishes and please when is your birthday as mine is 12th May.

      Liked by 1 person

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